2021 Final Competition


NON ESATTAMENTE KEN LOACH by Stefano Moscone (Italy) – Length 18:50
Dino is twenty-five years old and fervent communist ideals, fueled by a precarious job in a Turin call center. Cinema student at DAMS, he decides to shoot a documentary to denounce the exploitation to which he and his colleagues are subjected. But his video camera captures a reality far removed from that of a Ken Loach film. Among rude customers, indifferent colleagues and blackmail from superiors, Dino must learn to adapt to a cynical world where a full stomach counts more than any ideal.

ONE by Javier MarcoRico (Spain) – Length 10:00
Far out at sea, a cell phone floating inside an air-tight bag starts to ring.

WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THOSE THINGS? by Santiago Becker (Argentina) – Length 15:00
This is a representation of the director’s father’s death story. All characters and situations were taken from my own experience in the process. All my family is portrayed as I remember everything that happened. My mother even plays as herself. This is all based on a true story.


THE POMEGRANATES OF NAGORNO-KARABAKH by Thomas Sideris (Greece) – Length 1:17:00
November 2020. Villagers outside Nagorno-Karabakh set their houses on fire, before fleeing to Armenia on a specified deadline that will see disputed territory handed over to Azerbaijan as part of a peace agreement.

GARBAGE BIN MEALS by Dr Satyakam Phukan (India) – Length 29:42
While humanity has progressed and made complex systems for its existence, while these systems have boosted trade and commerce, while humanity has made inroads into the outer space, humanity has also retrogressed. A section of the humanity still lives the lives of scavenging animals in urban jungles, surviving on discarded rotten things.To the conventional psychiatrist they are all numbers. This is the contradiction and paradox before the humanity today. There are no actors in this film, everything is cent percent real, there is actually no director also, providence itself is the director, there is only the cinematographer, script writer and the editor.

ONE EARTH by Francesco de Augustinis (Italy) – Length 01:32:30
From the outside, they don’t even look like farms: they are blocks of concrete several floors high, hidden in an earth quarry, in the center of a mountain in the remote heart of China. Within them, a hyper-intensive production of pigs, destined to supply the Asian giant’s ever-increasing demand for pork.Around this hyper-technological breeding, a symbol of human progress, a story unfolds that touches the four corners of the planet, showing how the global food system is irreversibly compromising the fragile balance of the planet, contributing to the current global crises such as climate change, epidemics, the collapse of biodiversity.From China, the new economic and food production giant, to the laboratories of the “Food Silicon Valley” in the Netherlands, to the disputed lands to the indigenous populations in Brazil, to the global threats to human health, to the ethical questions that underlie our relationship with nature: “One Earth” tells stories apparently distant from each other, revealing how everything is connected, as in a complex system that rests on a fragile balance.


RICH FOR THE SKY by Milutin Daka Darić (Montenegro) – Length 1:28:00
Milutin’s harmony of life collapses when his wife Magdalena experiences a car accident, defending her body of a one-year-old son who was entrusted with the care of Milutin. Magdalena remains immobile. Love between Milutin and Magdalena has always been at the highest possible level, and this remains in a series of situations, because the accident never goes by itself. It only remains for them to take care of what they care about, with the help of life circumstances, and that is the happiness of their son Jacob, but for Jacob, as a young man, temptations are only beginning.

ANOUSH by Deniz Telek (Turkey) – Length 15:00
Anoush, a little girl, goes to borrow a wedding dress from a distant relative for her brother’s wedding.

NEW YEAR’S EVE by Zeyingtai Steven Lyu (USA) – Length 10:00
In the morning of New Year’s Eve, the old man is writing Chinese calligraphy when he oversees a man in the suit talking to his son and daughter-in-law about selling the old courtyard house. As the dark falls, the family gathered in the dining room for dumplings. The old man’s last attempt to persuade his family that he prefers to live in the old house instead of migrating to America fails.  Reveling in the nostalgic memory of lighting firecrackers with his departed wife and juvenile son, he decides to take his grandson to shoot off some forbidden fireworks as a commemoration for the lost time. Their secret plan is exposed when his son comes to call them for dinner. After a long moment on his own, he decides to proceed with his unlawful action and makes fireworks blooming in the sky once again. The sound of fireworks is soon blended with the police siren at far.


COVID-19 GROUND ZERO by Mustafa OZGUN (France) – Length 01:26:13
Based on true stories from frontline hospital workers. 
COVID-19 GROUND ZERO captures a slice of life of New York City between February and May 2020, through the courageous, heart-wrenching account of a dedicated frontline hospital nurse, and her boyfriend, a Broadway technician recently laid off; set against the chaotic political backdrop, the pandemic that engulfed NYC and the Black Lives Matter protests. 
A compelling story of love, compassion and determination. 

LIMA by Marcelo Torcida (Uruguay) – Length 1:34:50
In the cheerful Latin America of the 70s an ideological struggle is waged that involves all sectors of society. Dictators and revolutionaries use the kidnapping of people as their preferred methodology to impose their ideas. Valente, the son of a powerful businessman, makes a living working for an insurance company specializing in kidnappings. Your mission is to bring the victims to safety.

ANOTHER WAY TO BUILD EUROPE by Francisco Campos Barba – Length 1:20:00
Can you imagine children without running water, without a bathroom, without a shower, …? That is the EUROPE of 2020. In Seville, during the last 34 years, only one person has cared about them. Without help from local government, he has filled their lives with values and aspirations through football.