Day by day


On Monday we screened 4 films. Each of them generated deep debates among the members of the jury.

The short film Coming Back by Alessio Rupalti explained the love of a father for his son, a love that determined him to vote for Brexit, an action that did not resembled to his nature. But in this way he hoped to see his son coming back home from Italy, as he thought that after the Brexit the British expats will be sent home.

Clarita, a very good film from the Philippines by Derick Cabrido shows how an exorcism is made. The extraordinary actress who played Clarita, Jodi Sta. Maria, announced her presence to the gala dinner. The jury considered Clarita the toughest film of the selection.

Another heart breaking short film, Faces by Ernő Zoltán Balogh (Hungary) re-enacted the tragic destiny of a Catholic priest and his heroism in 1919.

Rosa Mistica by Augusto Tamayo, created a lot of discussions too: the character of Saint Rosa of Lima was a difficult one, she could be seen as a mentally ill person (and she was often seen likr that). But the mystical actions are difficult to understand, not only in the XVIth century when she lived, but always.


Tuesday started with the wonderful music-hall filmed in Hong-Kong and dedicated to the first Saint of that region, Joseph Freinademetz, an Austrian priest who lived in the XIXth century and who evangelized Hong-King. The screening gave. the opportunity to the members of the jury to debate about the history of the religions and to search answers the the difficult question: why the missionaries wished (and succeeded) to evangelize and christianize Asia?


The last day of the screenings gathered our Jury around four significant films: Otto Neururer,  Hope Through Darkness by Hermann Weiskopf (AUSTRIA);Santiago Gapp. The priest who confronted Hitler by Manuel Cabo (SPAIN); Ci alzeremo all’alba by Jean-Marie Benjamin  (ITALY) and J.R.R. Tolkien. Un Unexpected Friend by Ricardo del Pozo (U.S.A.)Finally, at the end the Jury voted.

The winners are still secret until tonight, when they will be announced during the gala dinner.

Besides the four awards (best short film, best documentary, best director and best film), two diplomas will be awarded also one for the lifelong achievement and the second one for the evangelization through a film.