2015 Final Competition

Best short film / Miglior corto metraggio

  • Bird of Prey, by Dan Cortes (U.S.A.)
  • In my Brother’s Shoes, by Lucia Mauro (U.S.A.)
  • For you, by Fr. Charles Sawaia (Lebanon)

Best documentary / Miglior documentario

  • M et le troisième secret, by Pierre Barnérias (France)
  • I misteri del Santo Sepolcro, by Luca Trovellesi Cesana (Italy)
  • Right Footed, by Nicholas Spark (USA)

Best feature film / Miglior film

  • Flow, by David Martínez Álvarez (Spain)
  • Felices los que lloran, by Marcelo Torcida (Paraguay)
  • Full of Grace, by Andrew Hyatt (USA)

Best leading actor/actress / Miglior attore/attrice protagonista

  • Chadi Haddad – For You, by Fr. Charles Sawaia (Lebanon)
  • Lee Yon-Ji – Giovanni and Rugalda by Kim Soo Hyeung (South Corea)
  • Juan del Santo – Flow by David Martínez Álvarez (Spain)

Best Director / Miglior regista

  • Marcelo Torcida for Felices los que lloran (Paraguay)
  • Javier Martinez-Brocal for The Secret of Thérèse (France)
  • Marco Gandolfo for Bisagno (Italy)  

Capax Dei Foundation Award

  • La Madonna del parto, docufiction by Alessandro Perrella (Italy)