2014 Winners

Best Short Film

  • Cercavo qualcos’altro by Alessio Rupalti / Italy
Alessio Rupalti with his award for the Best short film

Best Documentary

  • Voyage au coeur du Vatican by Stéphane Ghez / France
Liana Marabini with Patrick de Carolis, producer of the Best Documentary.

Best Leading Actress

  • Juliet Stevenson (Mather Teresa, The letters) / USA

Best Director

  • William Riead (The letters) / USA
Corky Barton, Producer of the Film The Letters, winner of two awards: Best Director (William Riead) and Best Leading Actress (Juiert Stevenson for the role of Mother Teresa).

Best Film

  • Un Dios prohibido by Pablo Moreno / Spain
The filmmaker Pablo Moreno with the award for the best film (Un Dios prohibido).

Capax Dei Foundation Award

  • The series Catholicism by Father Robert Barron / USA
Liana Marabini with Father Barron, winner of one of the two awards of Capax Dei Foundation.
  • L’Apôtre by Cheyenne-Marie Carron / France
Cheyenne-Marie Carron, filmmaker of L’Apôtre winner of one of the two awards of Capax Dei Foundation,
for films with a high value of evangelization.

Association “Friends of the Festival” Award

  • Nolite timere by Giuseppe Tandoi  / Italia
Oriana Mariotti, President of the Association ”Friends of the Festival” with Giuseppe Tandoi.