2017 Final Competition

Best Short Film

  • Guerriero by Gianni Antonio Grazioli – ITALY
  • Come and see by Selina De Maeyer – HOLLAND
  • Message of the Animals by Elke H. Markopoulos, Rainer Ludwigs – GERMANY

Best Documentary

  • Les Maisons du Nord by Guy Bordin & Renaud De Putter – BELGIUM
  • A Man of God by Krzysztof Tadej – POLAND
  • L’Eglise polonaise sous haute pression by Françoise Pons – FRANCE

Best Director

  • Samuel Sebastian for La larga noche de la imaginación – SPAIN
  • David Naglieri for The Face of Mercy – USA
  • Pablo Moreno for Luz de Soledad – SPAIN

Best film

  • Saint Bridget of Sweden by Fabio Carini – USA
  • Fatima the ultimate mistery by Andrés Garrigó – SPAIN
  • Ignacio de Loyola: Soldier, Sinner, Saint by Paolo Dy – PHILIPPINES

Evangelization Award (unique receiver, not in competition)

  • Fr. Olivier-Thomas Venard O.P., Vice Director of the French Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem, creator of the show (now in DVD) Syllabes Divines, Mystère sur la Prophétie de Jérémie – ISRAEL