Application Form 2019

MIRABILE DICTU International Catholic Film Festival
25 – 28 November 2019


1. Read carefully the Articles of the Rules and Regulations

2. Fill in the Application Form.

3. Sign at the end of document.

4. Send the signed document together with your DVDs at the 2019 SELECTION COMMITTEE at the following address: 

Hotel des Ambassadeurs
Festival Selection Committee
3 Rue Partouneaux
06500 Menton

Ph. +33-607. 93 71 63
Email :

Article 1

The spirit of the Festival Mirabile Dictu is one of friendship and universal cooperation. Its aim is to reveal and focus attention on works of quality, presenting moral values, human virtues and positive characters, in order to contribute to the world evangelization and to encourage development of the film industry for this purpose.

Article 2

The 10th Festival Mirabile Dictu will be held from Monday 25th of November to Thursday 28th of November 2019 to the Vatican.

Article 3

Only films (feature, documentaries and short) that meet the following conditions may be chosen for the pre-selection to the Official Selection:
• Films that express moral values and positive heroes.
• A selection is international if it presents films from different countries, including non-Catholic countries.
• Films whose dialogues don’t contain bad words, insults and blasphemies. We don’t accept films with explicit sex. Scenes and heavily violent scenes.

Short films:
Less than 20 minutes, including credits.

Less than 60 minutes, including credits.

Feature films:
Less than 140 minutes, including credits.

The deadline for sending the Application Form and the DVDs is the 30th of September 2019.

• 2 copies DVD PAL. No other format is accepted.
• Synopsis in English or Italian of maximum 2 pages.
• Names of the cast and crew, with evidence on the producer, director, scriptwriter and main actors.
• Name, address, phone number, email address of the sender.
• Name, address, phone number, email address of the rights holder.

The Selection Committee will accept to screen a film:
• WITHOUT subtitles IF the original language is English or Italian.
• WITH English or Italian subtitles for all other original languages.

You will receive an email informing you about the selection of your film for the final competition before 30th of October 2019.

Article 4

Once a film has been selected for the Final Competition, it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival program during the event.

Article 5

All films must be presented in their original language, with English or Italian subtitles. By “original language” is meant the one in which a film is or will be exhibited in its country of origin. It is for the Board of Directors to decide whether or not a film that does not exactly meet this criterion may participate in the Festival. All subtitling expenses are to be met by the film’s producer. Moreover, all films with dialogues in a language different from English or Italian will be subtitled in English or Italian.

Article 6

The Board of Directors and the President of the Festival designate the four foreign and Italian members of the Jury as well as its President. Each Jury member votes by secret ballot. Decisions will be reached by an absolute majority of votes. The President of the Festival will attend Jury deliberations but will take no part in the voting. No person having taken part in the production or exploitation of a film in competition may be on the Jury.

Article 7

The Jury for the films in competition will award “Il Pesce d’Argento” (The Silver Fish) to the following categories:
• The Best Short Film
• The Best Documentary
• The Best Director
• The Best Film

Besides, two diplomas will be awarded:
• Capax Dei Foundation Award, awarded by this Foundation’s President to the most significative Catholic subject among all the Films in Final Competition.
• Lifetime Achievement Award.

Article 8

Films to be submitted for the Pre-Selection must be entered by September 30, 2019. The required support is DVD. Two DVDs copies for each film will be necessary. No other format is accepted. The DVDs of the films that are not selected for the final competition will not be returned to their senders. Every year, the Selection Committee meets and work in a different country. This year the country is France and the DVDs together with the Application Form have to be sent to the address mentioned

Article 9

Expenses for the shipping and translation of films presented to the Selection Committee with a view to their possible selection, are to be met by the film’s producers or relevant body. 

All expenses for the transportation (round trip) and insurance of prints are also the responsibility of their owner(s). 

The films must meet all the shipping requirements: the Festival cannot carry out customs clearance operations or pay money for that. The films that will not fulfill these conditions will be rejected. 

The Festival will inform only and exclusively the owner and the sender of the films chosen for the Final Competition.

Article 10

The President of the Festival “Mirabile Dictu” has the power to settle all cases not covered by the present rules and regulations.

Article 11

Participation in the Festival “Mirabile Dictu” implies acceptance of all the aforementioned rules and regulations and respect of the Application Form 2019.

Article 12

The film producers (or relevant body) of the films arrived in Final Selection will be informed about it before the 30th of October through email. It’s up to them to participate to the Award Ceremony on their own expenses. The Award Ceremony will take place on November 28th at 8:00 p.m., by nominal invitation, in one of the structures belonging to the State of Vatican.

Article 13

In order to consider valid the Application Form, this list of Rules & Regulations together with the Application Form must be signed by the applicants. Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of an article in these regulations, their original Italian version is binding.

APPLICATION FORM for the pre-selection of my film to the Mirabile Dictu Festival:

First Name:
Last Name:
Company name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
City, State, Zip:
Email address:
I declare to be the rights holder of the film:
Production Company:
 Short           Documentary         Feature          Children          Other
Original Language:
Main Cast:
Film synopsis:

Signature of the film rights holder: …………………………………………………..

Place and date: …………………………………………………..